The children around you: your nieces, nephews, students, neighbors, girl scouts, boys scouts, etc...
All children are welcome to participate in this challenge.

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The Challenge will begin on
December 1, 2015

Each day during the Kids that Live to Give Challenge you will receive a daily idea via email for a period of 31 days (4 weeks). Each simple task will help you to generate ideas on how you can incorporate giving into your children's lives.

The Kids Live to Give Challenge will also encourage the children in your circle to become Change Agents in their own communities.

We're doing the Kids that Live To Give Challenge because we've received so many of your messages from all over the world asking how we have successfully gotten kids to be givers, so we designed this free, virtual resource just for you. During the past 18 months, Jeremiah & Joshua have managed to create and encourage hundreds of children to become Change Agents. They have done everything from feeding needy families, volunteering at orphanages, hosting events for the homeless, conducting fun runs to raise money for kids with cancer, and doing random acts of kindness for complete strangers at a moment's notice.

Are you ready? Let’s create a positive shift in the next generation to be less selfish and more selfless by working together as Change Agents! Sign-Up HERE, then get every child you know on board.
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